Comfy, Cozy Rustic: 7 Tips for the Perfect Rustic Bathroom

Comfy, Cozy Rustic: 7 Tips for the Perfect Rustic Bathroom

Rustic decor has gained so much popularity in recent years partly because it’s a trend that’s versatile.

When you think rustic decor, you imagine casual, natural and rough elements that work together to create a sense of relaxation and comfort. 

Many people turn to this style in their home to evoke a feeling of yesteryear when times were simpler and the days were longer. 

Rustic decor works well in any room of the house, from a nursery to a living room. And it works especially well in a bathroom where you can use the theme to infuse the space with personality.

Read on for 7 tips to help you design the rustic bathroom of your dreams. 

1. Rustic Bathrooms Need Weathered Elements

In order to create a rustic bathroom, you will need some kind of weathered element in the space. Whether you choose turquoise-painted barn boards, weather-beaten borders, reclaimed wood cabinetry, flooring or accents.

You don’t need a lot of this to highlight your rustic, country bathroom decor. If you have a small bathroom, a couple of key pieces will be enough to evoke the essence of a cozy old-fashioned bathroom.

If you are doing a complete bathroom renovation, you can consider flooring and tile choices that support your rustic bathroom decor.

But, if you are just updating the cosmetic look of your bathroom, you can still create the rustic bathroom of your dreams.

The mirror is one of the major focal points in any bathroom. Highlight your theme with a rustic wood framed mirror.

Use Reclaimed Wood 

The best thing about reclaimed wood is that it is affordable and environmentally friendly. 

Reclaimed wood makes for great open shelving ideas. Or you can use it as a vanity countertop.

DIY Plank Wall 

A plank wall is a great way to highlight your rustic bathroom theme. You can make your own shiplap wall for just $30.

This wall would look great behind your vanity or on any smooth (otherwise boring side wall).

Install a cute peg rack for hanging towels and you have the major elements for the perfect rustic bathroom decor.

2. Mix in Metals & Glass

Rustic bathroom decor is not only about wood, though. To create a space that is balanced and harmonious, you should also bring in some other elements such as porcelain, glass, and metal.

Cute wire baskets hanging over the toilet or sink are perfect for storing hand towels.

You can buy (or make your own) rustic mason jar rack organizer. You can use this organizer to store makeup brushes, cotton balls, toothbrushes, hairbrushes, and so many more bathroom necessities.

Some mason jars, hose clamps, and a small slab of wood and you’ve got yourself a gorgeous and functional rustic organizer.

If you are looking to do a major remodel, why not swap out your bathtub for a metal or galvanized tub?

A metallic tub is sure to make a statement and help add some contrast to the softer wood elements in the space. 

3. Opt for a Vessel Sink

Vessel sinks, sometimes called bowl sinks, are a staple of rustic bathroom decor.

You can choose one of these sinks in natural stone or go for sleek porcelain for a clean contrast to the other darker elements in the room.

Of course, a galvanized sink or washbasin is another perfect choice for a rustic bathroom. Make sure you choose a bathroom countertop that will complement your sink. 

4. Put Vintage Finds on Display

Rustic bathroom decor is simple and utilitarian but with a big dash of romanticism throw in. 

One of the best ways to ensure you’ve nailed the rustic bathroom vibe is by hitting up the flea markets.

Shop for some inexpensive rural goods such as old water pitchers, interesting looking jars, weathered picture frames, wooden baskets, rustic alphabet letters or even a metal washboard for laundry.

Find a place in your bathroom to make a sweet vintage display. You can use open shelves, a free-standing column, window ledge or a beat-up bench.  

5. Don’t Forget the Ladder Towel Rack

A quintessential rustic decor piece is a ladder rack. You can use it for hanging fluffy white towels or displaying your vintage knick-knacks. Or both!

The best thing about these racks is that they add height to your space. That means that your room will look bigger. This is a great addition to medium-sized shared baths.

6. Add a Touch of Nature

Rustic bathrooms have a lot of metal and wood. You can soften this look by adding in some floral and greenery.

A bouquet of artificial daisies will look darling in your vintage water pitcher. A wicker and floral wreath looks stunning against a shiplap backdrop.

If you have room, a potted plant in one corner will breathe some life into the space. Or tuck a floral arrangement in one corner of the vanity.

Mixing the stone, metal, wood with nature will make your rustic bathroom a haven in your home. 

7. Decorative Storage

Our final tip for creating the perfect rustic bathroom is to focus on decorative storage. 

We’ve already shared many examples throughout this article about how you can use the theme to store items such as towels.

The ideal rustic bathroom has a container of some sort for everything. Extra toilet paper and hand towels look great in woven baskets.

A large woven basket in the corner is the perfect hamper for used towels. 

Final Thoughts on Rustic Bathroom Decor 

We hope these 7 rustic bathroom decor tips help you reinvent your bathroom.

Remember, even small powder rooms can show off country bathroom decor with attention to detail and an effort to incorporate most of the rustic elements.

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