Choosing Your Countertop Material

Choosing Your Countertop Material
Choosing Your Material

Choosing your Material

Many factors come to mind thinking about doing your countertops:








Are you looking for a light or dark look?  Or do you want something with movement?  Or something subtle?  Do you want your countertops to be smooth? Textured? Matte?  Should you match your Island to the Countertops, or do something different and complementary?  Are you looking for something that’s easy to clean up?  Are you worried about staining?

These questions are the basis of your Countertop Project. We offer Premium Granite, Quartz, Marble, and Quartzite for Kitchen and Bathroom Countertops.

So let’s get started! Let’s pick the perfect material for your home.


White Kitchens and bathrooms are very trendy right now, so many people are opting towards lighter countertops.  Choose a color that goes well with your existing cabinetry color, or think about painting them.


While Polished, glossy countertops have always been the classic go-to-look, some people are opting for different looks. Polished countertops are smooth to the touch.   

Some people like the Leathered look, which gives the stone a little bit of a rough texture, yet hides fingerprints and smudges exceptionally.

Another up and coming look is Matte finishes for your tops.  A Matte finish offers less sheen, a less glossy stone look.   They feel soft and smooth.


Strength and longevity are big factors when purchasing countertop material.  With Durability also comes resistance to scratches, stains, water spots, and acidity.  Natural Stone requires Sealing and Maintenance, which is necessary for keeping your countertops pristine.  Choose a stone with cleaning requirements you are comfortable with.  Some stones need specialized cleaners, as to not wear down the sealant, or corrode the surface and get into the stone.


Cost is always one of, if not the biggest, factor for many people to consider before even thinking about doing a Countertop Project.  Some materials are more expensive than others, which is an important factor to plan ahead for in your project if you really want a certain look with a preferred material.  Granite is usually the cheapest, with Marble being on the higher end.


Granite– The Classic Natural Stone, has been used for decades as a Countertop Material.  Light and Dark options, many different finishes available.  Requires sealing to ensure longevity and durability, slightly vulnerable to acidity so it needs a specialized cleaner, yet handles heat nicely, and is cheaper in cost.


Quartz– The Man-Made Brainchild, natural stone meets ingenuity.  Quartz Countertops have come a long way since their debut 15 years ago. Quartz is scratch resistant, stain-resistant, and never requires a sealant, ever.  Clean with warm water and mild soap and you’re good to go!  Comparable to Granite Level II pricing.


Marble– A Timeless Symbol of Elegance.  Marble has always been the luxurious, coveted option for Kitchens and Bathrooms.  Marble’s appearance is gorgeous in nature, but make sure to protect your investment with consistent sealing.  Wipe up spills and stains immediately, do not let these sit as they will penetrate the stone easier than others, as Marble is a softer stone.  Budget out your Countertop Project with Marble in mind as the stone is an investment that will last a lifetime.

Quartzite– Marble’s Cousin, with some color and movement.  Quartzite Countertops are natural stone similar in makeup to Marble.  Because of this, they require sealant care and are also susceptible to acidity.  Be sure to wipe up stains immediately.  Quartzite’s movement and coloring and the selling points of this stone, as they are vivid and beautiful.