Caring For Quartz Countertops: Hacks, Tricks and Tips You Need to Know

Caring For Quartz Countertops: Hacks, Tricks and Tips You Need to Know

Have you recently purchased Quartz countertops or considering new countertops and wondering how to keep them beautiful and last for years to come?

Quartz is a material used for kitchen countertops in some of the most attractive homes in the nation. The surface is versatile, durable, and tougher than most other countertops available on the market.

Quartz is low maintenance and can handle a lot of wear and tear. But there are steps to take to make them last longer.

Here are a variety of tips about caring for quartz countertops that will preserve them for decades.

In this post, you’ll learn what you need to do to get the most out of your quartz countertops.

Caring for Quartz Countertops: The Ultimate Guide

1. Every Day Maintenance

Although quartz is a strong material, it still needs daily maintenance. Caring for your countertops daily will keep them looking their best. When cleaning your quartz countertops, be sure to clean them with a mild detergent and a cloth.

Avoid using cleansers that are heavily acidic or have high contents of alkaline. They can take a toll on your quartz countertops and wear them down. Mix some soap with lukewarm water when cleaning for everyday maintenance.

Quartz countertops are not recommended for outdoor kitchens because your quartz countertop can warp or split when it’s exposed to mother nature’s elements. 

2. Heavy Objects

It’s true that quartz is tougher than most countertop surfaces. The material can stand a lot of abuse. But one thing you want to be careful of is placing heavy objects on your countertops.

Don’t plop anything heavy on your countertop. This can chip your quartz or cause it to crack.

If you must put something heavy on your quartz countertop, be gentle with it, or better yet, place a cloth or towel underneath the object.

3. Wipe Up Spills Right Away

Wiping up liquid spills immediately. You can always tend to the stain later, but it’s better to address them when it’s still wet. Rinse your countertops with a rag that’s moist and not too wet for the best results.

4. Cleaning Grease

Use a degreaser when removing grease stains from your quartz countertop. Just make sure the cleaner does not contain bleach. While you might be able to use a cleaner with diluted bleach, it’s better to avoid bleach altogether.

Glass cleaner such as Windex is a safe way to remove the grease stains. After you clean the grease, finish the countertop off with warm water. This will remove the excess chemicals from your quartz countertop.

5. Removing Gunk from Your Quartz Countertop

Sometimes gunk and caked on crud from food and dirt can end up on your countertop. Scrape off the gunk with a hard plastic scraper, but make sure not to use any water.

Scraping the buildup will remove anything gummy or dried crud. It even works for dried paint. Always keep a plastic scraper nearby for these occasions work great for dried messes.

6. Removing Pen and Ink Stains

If you’re writing on your countertop, it’s easy to get an ink stain on its surface. Especially when you’re working with permanent markers. Apply an adhesive cleaner. Then wipe your countertop with lukewarm water immediately. 

Another way to remove ink is with isopropyl alcohol. Try alcohol if the adhesive cleaner doesn’t remove the tough stain. After you’ve applied the alcohol and removed the stain, remove the alcohol with lukewarm water promptly.

7. Stay Away from Harsh Chemicals

Harsh detergents and chemicals are toxic for your quartz countertop. Quartz’s enemies are heavy alkalines and acids.

They could harm and wear down the surface over the years. If you spill anything acidic or alkaline on your countertop, wipe it down with warm soap and water.

Household cleaners and solvents to avoid include oven cleaner, drain cleaners, dishwasher soap, trichloroethane, turpentine, and nail polish remover.

8. Heat Is Your Quartz Countertop’s Enemy
Unlike some natural stone countertops, quartz is not heat-proof. Heat damages quartz, so you should never put anything hot directly on your countertop.

An easy solution is to keep hot plates and trivets nearby. They prevent heat from touching the surface.

Don’t place roasting pans or heated skillets directly on your quartz countertop.  Also, watch out for appliances that generate heat such as crockpots or electric grills.

When using them, place them on another surface between the appliance and your countertop.

Another form of heat to be aware of is sunlight. The sun can fade and discolor quartz countertops over time. You don’t want those strong UV rays to come in contact with your beautiful countertop. 

If the sun hits part of your countertop and not another, your countertop can appear as two different colors.

9. Use A Cutting Board

Never cut anything directly on your countertop surface. When cutting vegetables and meats, always use a cutting board. This helps in caring for your quartz countertops.

You’ll protect your countertop surface from cuts and scratches. While Quartz can stand up to much abuse, a sharp kitchen tool like a knife or kitchen blade can put scratches on your countertop surface.

10. Protecting Your Quartz Countertops from Extreme Temperatures

Extreme temperatures like cold and heat can cause unwanted blemishes. Make sure and defend your quartz surface from extreme temperature changes.

When cooking, place pot warmer and stands for pots and pans coming off the stove. Quartz can withstand heat up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything hotter can cause damage.

Drop down a coaster for iced tea and other cold drinks. Watch out for orange juice spills because citrus can damage quartz.

The same goes for alcohol. So when you’re serving alcoholic beverages for a holiday party or weekend gathering, wipe up alcohol spills right away or place a towel or cloth down.

Final Thoughts on Caring for Quartz Countertops

Use these tips, tricks, and hacks about caring for quartz countertops installed in your home to preserve them. With regular maintenance, you will keep them looking beautiful for decades.

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