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Carbo Brushed LG Viatera Quartz

Carbo Brushed LG Viatera Quartz is a soft textured version of LG Viatera Carbo which has a beautiful tinted black background with long diagonal light grey veins running across, taking inspiration from Soapstone.

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  1. Nick Roberts

    Customer: I had 63 square feet of this installed in my kitchen on 7/10/20 in three different areas and pitted on every area. The installer wouldn’t provide warranty information at the time of install. No way should have this many air bubbles developed through the surface. I wouldn’t purchase again if no one backs their products.

    Response: Wow thanks for the review, we are sorry that you are having problems with this material. We Prefer to sell Cambria Quartz over LG Vitera any day of the week. Cambria offers a lifetime warranty against the issues you are having.

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