Buying Countertops

Buying Countertops
Buying Countertops Featured Image with Different Slab Options of Quartz

Buying Countertops: The Problem

Durable Granite or Quartz Countertops have become a need in today’s efficient home. Heres the traditional options for buying countertops:

Big Box Stores

Great concept until you need help. The help you do find has no experience in our industry and you get little to no guidance on what it actually takes to install new countertops. By utilizing subcontractors and tiny samples their solution to selling countertops is well, you get the point.

Granite Suppliers

What you will find is most granite yards staff inexperienced staff that will tell you what you want to hear to select their material. They won’t educate you on the many differences in natural stone. We urge you to feel and look for the natural cracks, pits, and other blemishes in natural stone. Cambria Quartz countertops have taken our industry by storm; to combat this, granite suppliers are now importing and selling Chinese knockoff made Quartz that has no warranty since they can not sell Cambria.

The Cheap Guy

Florida has no licensing requirements nor does it require background checks to operate in our industry. The saying ‘you get what you pay for’ is unfortunately true in our industry. Installing countertops requires years of continuous training as of the upkeep of the tools and machines to manufacture materials. The cheap guys in our industry have little to no training. The tools they use are sub-par for the new types of granite and quartz materials. The Cheap Guy’s solution is to advertise low square foot pricing to attract unknowing consumers. The results will speak for themselves.


At International Granite and Stone, We Take Pride In Crafting An Extraordinary Home Improvement Experience, Giving You The Countertops You’ve Always Dreamed Of. Our Goal Is To Increase The Value Of Your Most Important Asset While Creating The Perfect Environment To Share With Your Friends And Family!