How to Measure Countertops

  Step 1: Draw an Outline of Your Layout The first step to measuring your countertops is to draw a rough outline of your kitchen or bathroom. Draw a model of your space including the walls in the room and doorways. This outline does not have to be to scale, as it is in place […]

COVID-19 Response: We’re Committed to Your Safety

At International Granite and Stone (IGS), the health and well-being of our consumers and employees is and always will be our #1 priority. We want to assure you that we’re doing everything we can to protect our customers and employees. As information about the 2019 Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) continues to evolve, the leaders of IGS […]

2020 Cambria Quartz Colors: An Inside Look at Cambria’s 20th Anniversary

2020 Cambria Quartz New Colors

What is Cambria Quartz? Cambria is the leading brand of Man-made Quartz Surfaces used for Kitchen and Bathroom Countertops. Made in America, out of Grand LeSeur & Eden Prairie, Minnesota, Cambria is a Family-Owned Business that proudly employs over 2000 employees nationwide. Founded in 2000, the Davis Family decided to expand their fruitful and thriving […]

Home Depot Cambria Quartz Countertops: An Unbiased Review and Cost Guide

Home Depot Cambria Quartz Countertops Cost Colors Samples_1

Home Depot Cambria Quartz Countertops: An Unbiased Review and Cost Guide Introducing Cambria Countertops, now available at The Home Depot The exclusive Countertop Brand, known only for being sold through specific Countertop Retailers, has now made its way into Big Box Stores, starting with Home Depot! With exceptional Designs and out of this world Durability, […]

Fair Trade Quartz Countertops: The In’s and Out’s

Fair Trade Quartz Countertops Cambria Quartz Countertops are Fair Trade Quartz Countertops

What is Fair Trade? “Fair Trade” is a term used to describe a business relationship between producers and exporters, in which the producer is paid a fair price for their goods.  Fair Trade protects smaller producers, ensuring they get the proper amount of money for their products.  The “proper amount” would cover the costs to […]

Granite Countertops: Germs & Gunk Galore, GROSS! DON’T BUY GRANITE!

For years, Granite has been an affordable and widely used material used in many Kitchen and Bathroom Countertop Projects. The look of Stone is often a luxurious and sought-after look by homeowners, but did you know that Granite Countertops could make you SICK? From natural contaminants to mold and fungus growing under the surface, Granite […]

Kitchen Sinks Types: The Best Material for Your Kitchen Sink

kitchen sinks types

The average cost for a full kitchen remodel comes in around $66,196. This investment includes countertops, cabinets, appliances, flooring, and of course…the kitchen sink.  Whether a new build or renovation project, the sink is an essential element of any kitchen. It combines function and style while complementing your countertops.   Different sink materials can add color, contrast, and texture. […]

How to Care for Quartz Countertops: 8 Easy to Follow Tips

care for quartz countertops

Did you know that quartz is one of the toughest materials on earth? For this reason alone it’s easy to understand why it’s such a popular countertop surface. But despite the fact that quartz is extremely durable, it still requires a little TLC here and there- but nothing too fancy!  Here’s a quick breakdown on […]

Recycle, but Make It Fashion: Why Recycled Glass Countertops Are Perfect for Your Home

recycled glass countertops

Picking the right countertop material is one of the most important decisions you have to make for your kitchen.  And that decision might not lead you to the traditional granite countertop. Recycled glass countertops might be a better fit for your home.  Why? We’ve put together this guide to help you learn more about recycled glass countertops […]

Kitchen Remodeling Tips: Where You Should Splurge and Where to Save

kitchen remodeling tips

The costs of remodeling a kitchen add up quickly. In fact, the average kitchen remodel costs between $20,000-$50,000. If those numbers scare you, it’s time to evaluate your budget. Find out what you can spend, and then educate yourself about the reality of kitchen remodels. Keep reading as we go over some kitchen remodeling tips […]

Stunning Small Kitchen Counters: How to Wow Your Guests with a Small Kitchen

small kitchen counter

When it comes to home buyers, 80% name the kitchen in the top three most important home spaces. Spending money on the kitchen offers, on average, a good return on investment (ROI).  Minor renovations of $21,000 or less have an average ROI of a little over 80%. That’s a lot of bang for your buck! […]

10 Gorgeous Quartz Kitchen Countertop Ideas to Take Inspiration from

quartz kitchen countertops

If a kitchen remodel is in your future, there’s one thing you can do to save money and create a stunning look: choose quartz kitchen countertops. This unique engineered material consists of ground up quartz combined with a resin polymer material to create truly durable countertops you’ll love. Not only does this type of countertop have […]

Your Ultimate Guide to Understanding Countertop Edges

countertop edges

New countertops can completely change and update the look of your kitchen or bathroom, with a range of color options in granite and quartz available to compliment any design. A sometimes overlooked factor that plays a huge role in the overall look and feel of the finished design is the countertop edges.  Consumers spend a […]

The Major Pros and Cons of Kitchen Granite Countertops

kitchen granite countertops

Thirty years ago, you might not have ever seen granite countertops in someone’s home. However, granite countertops have been on the rise since the late ’90s, and now it’s difficult to see a home without them. Obviously, granite countertops look great – otherwise, people wouldn’t want them installed in their homes so frequently. Looks aren’t […]

Radically Rustic: How to Give Your Kitchen Countertops a Rustic Look

rustic look

 Do you ever feel like you’re torn between two worlds? You love the comforts of the indoors but a part of your heart will always be with nature? A rustic look in your home can be the perfect way to blend those two worlds. Whether you’re starting from scratch or trying to tweak your existing kitchen, […]

What Granite Types Are out on the Market?

granite types

Granite’s name comes from the Latin word “granum,” or grain. When you look closely at a piece of granite, it’s easy to see why: its crystalline structure is made up of small grains of many different materials. This lends itself to a wide variety of granite types.  That’s one of the many reasons granite countertops are so […]

Which Type of Countertops Will Save You Time & Trouble? The Best Materials For Low Maintenance Countertops

low maintenance countertops

There are plenty of trendy and pricey countertops out there to choose from, but when it comes to easy maintenance, not all materials are created equal. Fortunately, you don’t necessarily have to sacrifice style or quality for low maintenance countertop material. These low maintenance countertops will save you time and trouble so you can spend […]

The Best Kitchen Countertop Materials for Antique Homes

best kitchen countertop material

Do you have an older home with character? You may be looking to update some aspects, including your kitchen countertops. Continue reading to find the best kitchen countertop material that will give your antique home a modern twist. Soapstone Soapstone is a smooth, soft stone that comes in either gray, green, black, or blue-gray.  Though […]

8 Quick Ways to Save for Custom Granite Counters

custom granite counters

60% of Americans don’t have enough savings to cover a $500 emergency. Saving money isn’t easy, but it can be done. Granite countertops are all the rage right now, but they don’t come cheap. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. You might think you could never afford high-quality counters, but think again.  […]

Elegance That’s Etched In Stone: 9 Reasons to Choose Stone Countertops For Your Home

stone countertops

First impressions really do matter, especially when it comes to the most used room in your home—the kitchen. What do guests see when they visit your kitchen? If you’re considering a facelift for your kitchen, installing stone countertops is one design move that can make a dramatic impact. No need to limit natural stone finishes […]

Comfy, Cozy Rustic: 7 Tips for the Perfect Rustic Bathroom

rustic bathroom

Rustic decor has gained so much popularity in recent years partly because it’s a trend that’s versatile. When you think rustic decor, you imagine casual, natural and rough elements that work together to create a sense of relaxation and comfort.  Many people turn to this style in their home to evoke a feeling of yesteryear […]

Best Comparison Guide of the Top Quartz Countertops on the Market

Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops aren’t made entirely from quartz — and some don’t contain any quartz at all. While the name may be misleading, the beauty, durability, and texture of a quartz countertop certainly aren’t. All quartz countertops are manufactured from the same patented process created in 1963. While the process is still the same, the results are […]

Caring For Quartz Countertops: Hacks, Tricks and Tips You Need to Know

caring for quartz countertops

Have you recently purchased Quartz countertops or considering new countertops and wondering how to keep them beautiful and last for years to come? Quartz is a material used for kitchen countertops in some of the most attractive homes in the nation. The surface is versatile, durable and tougher than most other countertops available on the […]

Incredible Island Countertop Ideas: Why You Should Change Your Kitchen Island Countertop

kitchen island countertop

The time has come to change your out-of-date kitchen island countertop. Are your countertops looking a little the worse for wear? Has Steve next door just had his kitchen remodeled and you love the look of his stunning new granite island countertops? If you’re looking to spice up your kitchen island then you’ve come to the […]

6 Stellar Reasons to Get Granite Countertops for Your Home

granite countertops

Are you looking to breathe some new life into your kitchen decor? You need stone. It’s like The Flintstones meets the Jetsons; stone isn’t the past, it’s the future! Granite countertops are a great way to and style and character to your kitchen! There’s no need for an entire kitchen overhaul, simply adding new granite countertops […]

Quartz vs Granite Countertops: Which Countertop Will Increase The Value of Your Orlando Home?

Quartz vs Granite Countertops

Big, beautiful kitchen! If you read the wish list people shopping for a new home, you’ll find this phrase. Okay, may not this exact wording but the kitchen is a major focal point for most homebuyers. A chic kitchen updated with the latest in appliances and fixtures attracts more shopper than those with outdated flooring […]

What to Look for When Hiring Professional Bathroom Remodeling Contractors

bathroom remodeling contractors

Are you going to be remodeling one of the bathrooms in your home in the near future? If so, you might be thinking about trying to take on the job yourself. There are many homeowners who attempt to remodel their bathrooms on their own in an effort to save some money. Remodeling a bathroom is definitely not […]

What to Consider When Replacing Kitchen Counters

replacing kitchen counters

Your kitchen countertops can define the whole look of the room. It’s also a massive undertaking to replace them, most of us don’t want to spend a whole bunch of time switching things out. You’ll need to put some serious thought into making sure that you’ve got everything in order before you buy. No worries, we’ve compiled […]

Choosing Backsplash Tiles for Your Kitchen or Bathroom

backsplash tiles

“Wow, your kitchen looks INCREDIBLE!” It would be nice to hear your guests say that to you, wouldn’t it? Well, you certainly could spend thousands to renovate your entire kitchen. But not everyone has the extra cash or time to make that happen. Instead, you could completely change up the way your kitchen looks by […]

Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen and How to Create the Perfect Design

outdoor kitchen

For tens of millions of Americans, spending time outdoors means enjoying the company of loved ones while sharing a meal. If this sounds like you and your family, you’re definitely not alone. Let’s face it. Americans are obsessed with barbecues. In 2016 alone, we purchased $1.47 billion worth of grills. But, that investment is worth […]

Silestone vs Granite: What’s the Difference?

silestone vs granite

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling top many people’s lists of home renovation projects. Countertops often become a major decision because it’s one of the first things people see when they enter a room. As you investigate the options, you’ll learn that granite and Silestone — a brand of quartz countertops — are popular choices. While some […]

The Pros and Cons of Crushed Glass Countertops

crushed glass countertops

Considering a stylish addition to your kitchen? If you’re following trends, then you already know that crushed glass countertops are hitting the market. They’re a new, eco-friendly way to ensure that you have a durable, great looking counter. Are they right for your home? Read on and we’ll go over the pros and cons of […]

2018’s Top Countertop Trends for Modern Kitchens

countertop trends

Ever noticed that people gather in the kitchen during a party? Showcase your gathering space with practical and stylish modern-day countertops. Open counter space and great task lighting are the top trends in kitchen design for 2018. There are lots of articles on finding the right lighting, but the countertop trends need some closer study. […]

Granite Vs. Onyx Countertops: Which Should You Choose?

onyx countertops

Are you in the process of renovating or building a kitchen? While starting a kitchen project can be a lot of fun, it’s also a stressful process. There are many decisions to be made such as the type of countertops. If you’re on the fence between granite vs. onyx countertops, you came to the right […]

What Every Homeowner Should Know About Countertop Replacement

countertop replacement

Replacing a countertop is one of the most dramatic ways to upgrade your kitchen in a hurry. Not only will it make your kitchen feel like a whole new room, but it can also make a huge difference in your life. You use your kitchen counter every day, and having something you love will be […]

The Quartzite Countertop: 7 Little-Known Benefits

quartzite countertop

It’s the place where you bake cookies with the kids, put together your favorite casserole, and even roll out your dough for homemade pizza. It’s your kitchen countertop — no doubt one of the busiest places in your home. Your countertop has served you well for years, but now, it’s time for you to give […]

Why Marble Kitchen Countertops Are a Great Idea

marble kitchen countertops

Does your kitchen look uninspired our out-of-date? Many people consider the kitchen to be the most important room in the home, so it only makes sense that you’d want to invest in the kitchen of your dreams. But with the average kitchen remodel costing over $22,000, most families don’t get to update their kitchen as […]

Quartz vs. Quartzite Countertops: What’s the Difference?

quartz vs quartzite

You’re ready to tackle the home renovation project you’ve been waiting for years to do: the replacement of your kitchen countertop. Finally, you can say goodbye to that hideous ’70s yellow laminate kitchen countertop and say Hi to your new high-end surface. The question is, exactly what material should your new countertop be? Don’t worry […]

Choosing Under Cabinet Lighting: What You Need to Know

under cabinet lighting

If you’re looking to add beauty and function that compliments your new kitchen countertops, look no further than under cabinet lighting. Not only does this type of light fixture add essential task lighting over your work surfaces, it also adds ambiance and style to your kitchen. Especially for eat-in kitchens, well-styled under cabinet lighting can […]

Top 8 Benefits of Quartz Countertops

Top 8 Benefits Of Quartz Countertops

Are you interested in installing new stone countertops in your kitchen, your bathroom, or another area of your home? If so, there are a bunch of different stone countertop options for you to choose from. Granite, for example, has become one of the most popular stone countertop types in recent years. Marble and soapstone are […]

Your Complete Guide: Does Granite Stain?

Your Complete Guide: Does Granite Stain?

55% of homebuyers are happy to pay extra for a home that has granite countertops. In fact, it is often at the top of the must-have list homebuyers make. Many people will not consider a home that doesn’t have granite counters. Yet, many people worry about installing this natural stone in their house because they […]

Why You Should Install Quartz Bathroom Countertops in Your Home

Why You Should Install Quartz Bathroom Countertops In Your Home

The right countertops can boost your home’s value while adding beauty to your bathroom. Your bathroom makeover or new home build deserves a countertop material that is stylish, durable, and practical. So…have you considered quartz? There’s a reason quartz has become the most popular countertop material, even passing granite. It provides a look that is […]

New countertops, the easiest fix to add value to your home.

New Countertops, The Easiest Fix To Add Value To Your Home.

There’s no question about it: the kitchen is the heart of the home. No matter the occasion – a party, holiday celebration, or simply breakfast on a Sunday morning – people prefer to gather in the kitchen. But if your kitchen countertops look in disrepair, your friends and family just might hightail it out of […]

How to Pick Between Granite vs Quartz Countertops

How To Pick Between Granite Vs Quartz Countertops

Granite and quartz countertops are both great options for any home, and you really can’t go wrong with either. But if you love both options, it might be difficult to choose between granite vs quartz countertops. You might even end up delaying a kitchen or bathroom renovation or remodeling project simply because you can’t decide […]

Ways to Prepare for Installing Kitchen Countertops

Ways To Prepare For Installing Kitchen Countertops

The first part of preparing your countertops for a new installation or replacement is to communicate with the contractors who will be working on it. It’s courteous to ask if it would make their job easier if you did a certain amount of preparation beforehand. In most cases, the best thing you can do is […]

Quartz Countertop Cleaning: How to Maintain Your Counter

Quartz Countertop Cleaning: How To Maintain Your Counter

You know that installing new kitchen countertops can completely transform the look of your kitchen. You’re especially drawn to the elegant and sleek look of quartz countertops. But what does the process of cleaning quartz countertops look like? And is quartz the right choice of material when it comes to your lifestyle, how many people […]

9 Tips for Extending the Life of Your Marble Countertops

9 Tips For Extending The Life Of Your Marble Countertops

Marble countertops can take a ton of punishment, but nothing is completely immortal. They can be damaged by simply spilling an acidic substance like juice on them. You’ll need to know how to clean and take care of them in the event of these disasters. Here are 9 ways on how to clean marble and […]

Everything You Need to Know About Vetrazzo Countertops

Everything You Need To Know About Vetrazzo Countertops

The kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s where the family gathers, meals get cooked, and conversation gets enjoyed. It’s also the area of the home that can start to show some wear and tear over time. The number one reason homeowners consider a kitchen remodel is to upgrade old materials, surfaces, and finishes. […]

How Are Marble Countertops Made?

How Are Marble Countertops Made?

One of the 7 wonders of the world, the Temple of Artemis built in 550 BCE used marble for its construction. It featured 127 marble columns that were each 5 stories high. It would still be standing now but conquerers destroyed it on purpose. Marble is a popular and beautiful, natural stone. Buildings and decorative […]

How Much Do Granite Countertops Cost?

How Much Do Granite Countertops Cost?

Are you building your own custom home or remodeling your kitchen? That’s really exciting! You’re probably looking for an easy way to add a bit of class to your home, and one way to do that instantly is with granite countertops. Though some experts say that they’re in the decline on the market, people seem […]

What to Look for When Hiring a Countertop Fabricators

What To Look For When Hiring A Countertop Fabricators

You know that the right countertops can completely elevate the look of a room and help you to express your personality in the process. But especially if you’re a designer or just someone who loves to think outside of the box? You might prefer to have your own countertops made especially for you. For this, […]

Should You Choose Marble Countertops for the Kitchen?

Should You Choose Marble Countertops For The Kitchen?

Looking for a countertop that’s safe, elegant, and affordable? Have you ever considered marble? Marble countertops are great alternatives if you’ve grown tired of wood or if you don’t want to break your budget for high-quality granite. Marble kitchen countertops have a nice sheen that reeks of elegance. It adds a classic ambiance to your […]

6 Signs Your Countertops Need to Be Replaced

6 Signs Your Countertops Need To Be Replaced

Are you looking for a way to make your kitchen look great? Nothing adds more style and shine to your kitchen than your countertops. Great countertops have a way of really tying together the other elements, such as appliances, cabinets, cabinet hardware, and the tile work on your floor. If you live in an older […]

8 Facts You Didn’t Know About Quartz Countertops

8 Facts You Didn’t Know About Quartz Countertops

There was a time not too long ago when homeowners would only talk about granite when discussing their dream kitchens. With their classic style and great resale value, granite countertops have led the way for some time when it comes to kitchen designs. That’s until now. It turns out that more and more kitchen designers […]

How Durable Are Granite Countertops?

How Durable Are Granite Countertops?

Will a granite countertop outlast other materials, or is it just an aesthetic choice? Granite is one of the trendiest materials for counters on the market today. You’ve probably seen granite kitchens in magazines or on your favorite home decorating shows. However, is granite durable enough to make the cost worth it? You might have […]

The 6 Most Common Types of Stone Countertops

The 6 Most Common Types Of Stone Countertops

Doing a home renovation and want to include new stone countertops? Stone is a simple way to modify your space, adding sophistication and class and certainly upping the resale value of your home. Not only does the material look great, but its durable as well, making it worth the investment when it comes to longevity. […]

Quartz vs. Granite: What’s the Difference?

Quartz Vs. Granite: What’s The Difference?

If you’re thinking of a kitchen remodel or you want to replace your kitchen counter, you have plenty of options. The two most popular countertop surfaces you have to choose from include granite and quartz. But is there a difference? Many people will argue that each one is better, debating reasons why they’d never select […]

The Consumer Guide: The Pros and Cons of Marble Countertops

The Consumer Guide: The Pros And Cons Of Marble Countertops

Getting ready to install new countertops? Wondering whether marble can be a good choice for your home? Marble countertops can add a beautiful look to your home. However, when choosing countertops for a kitchen, bathroom, or another area of your home there’s a lot more to think about besides just the overall look. Marble offers […]

What Is Cambria Quartz and Why Is It Different?

What Is Cambria Quartz And Why Is It Different?

There is a wide range of countertop choices out there on the market. When it comes to building materials and home projects, we tend to focus on all-natural solutions. There are some cases, however, where man-made synthetic materials are better than natural. For those who want something a bit more exotic than standard granite, marble, […]

How to Spot Fake Granite Countertops

How To Spot Fake Granite Countertops

Love the look of a solid granite countertop? A high-end trend from the late 1980’s has become a full-on American obsession. Granite has far outstripped the previous century’s luxury favorite, marble. Granite prices worldwide have stabilized with the introduction of Brazilian and other granite. Finishing work in China, India and other places supplements that Italian […]

The Pros and Cons of Quartz Countertops

The Pros And Cons Of Quartz Countertops

It doesn’t matter whether you’re thinking about redoing your kitchen, your bathroom, or both. If home improvement is on your mind, odds are you’ve been researching different types of countertops. While granite and marble are classics, quartz has been on the rise — and for a good reason. Quartz countertops have pretty much all the […]

The 6 Best Countertop Materials for a High-End Kitchen

The 6 Best Countertop Materials For A High-end Kitchen

One of the hottest kitchen trends in 2018 is decluttering counters to create open space where friends families can come together to work, play and relax. This means that your kitchen counter is now, more than ever, the centerpiece of your kitchen. Whether you’re having friends over for a glass of wine or you’re hosting […]

The Pros and Cons of Granite Countertops

The Pros And Cons Of Granite Countertops

When you think of luxurious living, you probably think of chandeliers, hardwood floors, and granite countertops. It’s not surprising! Granite carries a certain respect here in America. But what are the pros and cons of granite countertops? Why not choose other materials such as quartz or concrete? The answer won’t surprise you: personal preference is […]

Your Guide to the Soapstone Countertops Cost

Your Guide To The Soapstone Countertops Cost

Are you considering soapstone counters? Then you’re probably wondering what soapstone countertops cost. You might be surprised to learn that soapstone is actually a great material for counters at a reasonable price. When considering soapstone vs granite, you don’t need to go for the trendy, expensive option. In this guide, we’ll show you how to […]

How Are Granite Countertops Made?

How Are Granite Countertops Made?

You might love the look and feel of granite countertops – but have you ever considered learning how they’re made? When you know how these counters are made, you’ll have much more appreciation for your kitchen granite countertops. Whether you’re thinking of buying some or are already in the installation process, it all becomes more […]

Countertop Ideas: The 9 Best Countertop Materials

Countertop Ideas: The 9 Best Countertop Materials

A countertop can make or break a kitchen design. So whether you’re remodeling or designing a kitchen, you need to be able to make an informed selection. With so many different materials for countertops, it can be daunting to choose which one will be a permanent part of your kitchen. But don’t worry! We’re here […]

5 Unique Ways to Personalize Your Kitchen Countertops

5 Unique Ways To Personalize Your Kitchen Countertops

Is your kitchen due for a remodel in the near future? Or are you choosing how to design the kitchen in your new home? Whatever reason you’re designing a kitchen, don’t forget the countertops! That may sound obvious, but hear us out. You don’t want just any old kitchen countertops. Countertops are a main focal […]

What to Look for in the Best Granite Countertops

What To Look For In The Best Granite Countertops

Have you always wanted to be the host who has an impressive home decor to wow guests with? The homeowner who makes their clean, beautiful living space look effortless? With granite countertops, you can do just that. Using granite in your kitchen creates an unparalleled sense of elegance and class. Granite works beautifully in many […]

How to Find Cheap Granite Countertops

How To Find Cheap Granite Countertops

Granite countertops can definitely create a modern look to your home. These elegant swirls of marble and quartz can liven up your kitchen countertops because they bring such a touch of class to any decor style you wish you revamp. It’s also a great tip to add granite to your kitchen layout as it adds […]

What is the Cost of Granite Installation?

What Is The Cost Of Granite Installation?

Granite countertops are one of the most popular choices for kitchen remodels these days – and for good reason. Granite is incredibly durable, comes in almost any color you care to name, and is timeless. (Seriously, they used granite in ancient Rome.) On average, the cost of a granite countertop installation in the US is […]

How to Calculate the Cost of Your Quartz Countertops

How To Calculate The Cost Of Your Quartz Countertops

Getting ready to make a detailed kitchen renovation and thinking of installing a quartz countertop? Quartz is definitely a good choice. It’s simple to maintain and doesn’t get damaged easily. Unfortunately, it may cost a bit more than you expect. But it all depends on where you look. This guide will teach you how to […]

8 Reasons Why You Should Consider Granite Bathroom Countertops

8 Reasons Why You Should Consider Granite Bathroom Countertops

Granite remains the most popular choice for kitchen worktops. But have you thought about granite bathroom countertops? This igneous rock was born underground under intense pressure and heat. Unsurprisingly then, it’s perhaps the most robust stone you could pick. Plus, it looks fantastic combined with chrome and shiny metals. Here’s why you should consider granite […]

How to Prevent Countertop Stains

How To Prevent Countertop Stains

So, you’ve decided to redo the look of your kitchen. You’ve had your cabinets redone, you’ve picked out a beautiful wallpaper, and now, you’re ready to choose the perfect countertops to compliment your new design scheme. The only problem? With your family (and penchant for messes) you’re worried about countertop stains. Whether you go with […]

Are Granite Vanity Tops Heat Resistant? And Other Granite Questions: Answered

Are Granite Vanity Tops Heat Resistant? And Other Granite Questions: Answered

Originally thought to be a fad – a short-lived flash in the pan – granite vanity tops have now become a mainstay in American bathrooms and kitchens. Along with stainless steel appliances, they’ve almost become a prerequisite in the real estate industry. If your prospective home doesn’t have granite? Forget about it. In fact, the […]

How to Pick Countertops for Your Backyard Kitchen

How To Pick Countertops For Your Backyard Kitchen

A backyard kitchen makes an ultimate entertaining space if you enjoy entertaining outdoors. Who doesn’t! And when you live in sunny Orlando, Tampa Bay or Sarasota, you can use your outdoor space all year round! If your backyard cooking space is a little bare or you’re ready for an outdoor kitchen makeover, choosing the right […]

How to Choose Vanity Tops for Your Bathroom

How To Choose Vanity Tops For Your Bathroom

Well, it’s time for a bathroom makeover, and you’re still envisioning your desired style. Whether you want a modern or traditional style, everything needs to connect. This means your shower floor, toilet, bathtubs, vanity, and vanity tops must have a flowing design. One of the essential parts are the vanity tops, also known as bathroom […]

5 Best Kitchen Designs for Entertaining

Entertaining guests can be tricky when you’re also in charge of feeding them. Sometimes your space isn’t conducive for both things because of this. With some modern twists though, you can get your favorite space up to speed. And keep your guests happy as well. Here are some of the best kitchen designs we’ve found, […]

4 Tips For Installing Granite Slabs

4 Tips For Installing Granite Slabs

Thinking of redoing your kitchen? If so, then you’re making a seriously smart investment. Kitchen renovations offer one of the highest returns on your investment of any home improvement project. Whether you’re preparing to sell your house, or want to continue to enjoy it for a few more years, you need to ensure that you […]

6 Bathroom Trends to Watch in 2018

6 Bathroom Trends To Watch In 2018

Are you tired of staring at the same old musty bathroom day after day? If your answer is yes, you might want to consider a remodel. To help you out with your brand new bathroom, here are 10 great bathroom trends for you to watch out for in 2018. Catagories of Bathroom Trends There are […]

5 Reasons to Choose a Stone Countertop

5 Reasons To Choose A Stone Countertop

Are you thinking about redoing your kitchen, but are only interested in upgrading a single element in the room? Are you frustrated with the amount of time you spend constantly scrubbing your countertops, only to find that those stains just seem to be more set in than ever before? Are you interested in replacing your […]

How to Maximize Your Narrow Countertops

How To Maximize Your Narrow Countertops

Small kitchens can look quaint and cozy… until you get in there and try to cook. Narrow countertops instantly create a battle between prep space and storage area. It makes cooking more of a hassle than anything else. But how do you conquer that battle? There’s got to be an easy way to optimize the […]

6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Granite Kitchen Worktops

6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Granite Kitchen Worktops

One of the best rooms in any house is the kitchen. This is where families come together as they prepare big meals or just a simple snack. A kitchen is a place of creative expression as well as an environment in which to teach your children discipline and how to self-sustain themselves. As such, this […]

How to Pick Your Cambria Quartz Colors

How To Pick Your Cambria Quartz Colors

Switching up the style of your home is sometimes as simple as getting a new rug or rearranging the furniture you already have. Other times, it’s a bit of a bigger project – like replacing your kitchen countertops. The countertops are an essential part of your kitchen. This is where you prepare and plate all […]

How to Clean Quartz Vanity Tops

How To Clean Quartz Vanity Tops

Now that you’ve installed a beautiful quartz vanity top, it’s important to take the right steps to maintain its integrity. Although quartz vanity tops are made from natural materials, they are engineered, combining 90% ground quartz (a naturally-occurring, hard mineral) with 8-10% resins, polymers, and pigments. This forms a very hard, granite-like and natural-looking surface. […]

5 Tips for Replacing Your Countertops

5 Tips For Replacing Your Countertops

Getting rid of old countertops and investing in new ones is not necessarily at the top of every homeowner’s to-do list. Sometimes, though, it should be. If your kitchen’s countertops are looking torn and worn, or if you’re just tired of looking at something that doesn’t match the rest of the house, it’s time to […]

7 Reasons Why Quartz Kitchen Worktops Make a Statement

7 Reasons Why Quartz Kitchen Worktops Make A Statement

This just in: Quartz has edged out granite when it comes to countertops. And with good reason. For years, granite was the material of choice when it came to custom countertops. If you have bought, sold, built, or rented out a house in the past 20 years, you’ve probably heard the phrase, “Does it have […]

How Are Quartz Countertops Made?

How Are Quartz Countertops Made?

On average, homeowners remodel 10.2 million kitchens each year. That’s a lot of countertops being replaced. One of the key decisions any homeowner must make during their remodel is what material they want to use for their new countertop. This is no small challenge given there are many types of countertops to consider. Quartz countertops […]

Are Quartz Worktops Heat Resistant?

Are Quartz Worktops Heat Resistant?

Need a worktop that can stand up to the spills, bangs, and scratches you’re sure to make? Then what you’re looking for is called quartz. Quartz is very durable and can withstand just about anything. But when it comes to heat, things get a little more tricky. Take a look at this quartz worktops guide […]

6 Tips for Getting New Countertops Installed

6 Tips For Getting New Countertops Installed

Whether or not you’re planning on selling your home in the near future, changes to your kitchen will retain 80% of their value upon resale. As far as investments go, it’s one of the most practical changes you can make to your home. Getting new countertops installed as part of your kitchen remodeling project will […]

Guide: Granite Countertop Prices

Guide: Granite Countertop Prices

Not all granite is created equal. First of all, there are dozens of different types of granite. Secondly, granite is a mixture of different minerals, by definition. That’s why there can be such a wide discrepancy in granite countertop prices. Granite can come in a wide variety of colors. Different minerals come in different shades. […]

Granite Countertops: Why They’re Better Than Marble

Granite Countertops: Why They’re Better Than Marble

Countertops are the focal point of a home’s kitchen and bathrooms. They can add a unique aesthetic that accentuates the surrounding interior design elements in a home. They’re also highly functional. Choosing the right countertop isn’t a decision you should rush into. There are a number of options, so you need to consider the pros […]

Custom Countertops: What To Consider When Choosing Yours

Custom Countertops: What To Consider When Choosing Yours

Your countertops are the focal point of the entire kitchen, so you shouldn’t settle for something you don’t really like. But there’s a lot to consider when you’re choosing the right custom countertops for your kitchen. Sometimes, the most expensive countertops aren’t the best. Before you go shopping, you need to ask yourself these five […]

8 Types of Countertops You Should Consider

8 Types Of Countertops You Should Consider

Are you looking to upgrade your kitchen style? Well, a new kitchen countertop is a great way to add style (and space) to the room you cook, unwind, and entertain in. By installing a new countertop, you can transform your kitchen from drab to fab and wow family and guests. Want a new kitchen countertop […]

Top 6 Stone Countertops That Will Never Lose Their Gleam

Top 6 Stone Countertops That Will Never Lose Their Gleam

Your kitchen and bathroom need a countertop that sustains a lot of mess and impact, but also looks attractive. This is why so many homeowners choose stone counters. To ensure you’re getting your money’s worth, you need to find stone countertops that last. You also want to make sure they will keep their fresh appearance […]

Durability: Why Quartz Counters are Best For Homes with Kids

Durability: Why Quartz Counters Are Best For Homes With Kids

As a responsible homeowner, you take renovations very seriously. You know that making the right style and design choices can affect the value of your home. When it comes to your kitchen renovation, you are probably considering which kind of countertop to install. If you have kids running around your home on a regular basis, […]

Top 8 Kitchen Trends of 2018

Top 8 Kitchen Trends Of 2018

Back in the day, kitchens used to be afterthoughts. Now they frequently serve as the backdrop for entertaining guests and spending quality time with family. Because of this, remodeling costs for kitchens are on the rise. While a popular thing to do, remodeling your kitchen can be a stressful and unnerving situation. This is mostly […]

Cheap Countertops: The Good, The Bad, The Seriously Ugly

Cheap Countertops: The Good, The Bad, The Seriously Ugly

What if you could make your kitchen dazzle without breaking the bank? That’s the goal of all homeowners. And the best way to make your kitchen stand out is with brand new countertops. However, it often seems like the best countertops cost way too much money. This may leave you curious if you can have […]

8 Backsplash Trends to Inspire Your Kitchen Remodel

8 Backsplash Trends To Inspire Your Kitchen Remodel

Are you ready to remodel your kitchen? Maybe you’re building a new home and need inspiration. Whatever the reason, kitchens have come a long way. Today’s kitchens reflect the homeowner’s style and can be as traditional or contemporary as you desire. From cabinetry, appliances, countertops, flooring and backsplashes, you can create your dream kitchen. One […]

Functional Design: A Guide to Choosing Beautiful Countertops that Last

Functional Design: A Guide To Choosing Beautiful Countertops That Last

Are you looking for kitchen countertops that will stand the test of time? According to Home Advisor, the average cost spent on a kitchen remodel is $21,930. In the Tampa Bay area, the average cost is $13,661. But these remodels can cost tens of thousands of dollars more, depending on the extent of the changes […]

5 Countertop Ideas for Your Minimalist Kitchen Design

5 Countertop Ideas For Your Minimalist Kitchen Design

The kitchen is one of the most stressful areas of your home. Every day, you struggle to get the cooking and cleaning done before the day ends. A minimalist kitchen design would help ease the anxiety that even thinking about your kitchen causes. To understand minimalism in kitchen design, we must first understand minimalism itself. […]

The 6 Benefits of Quartz Countertops You Need to Know

The 6 Benefits Of Quartz Countertops You Need To Know

While most people might immediately think of granite countertops for their home design, quartz is becoming an increasingly more popular choice. In fact, the popularity of quartz countertops has increased in recent years, with sales going up by 60% in the early 2000s. But why is quartz becoming so much more popular for homeowners and […]

Granite and Marble: Similarities and Differences You Need to Know

Granite And Marble: Similarities And Differences You Need To Know

Are you trying to decide between granite or marble countertops? The choice can definitely be a tough one. On the other hand, a lot of people don’t see much of a difference between granite and marble and tend to go with what looks good. There are actually a lot of surprising similarities and differences between […]

Granite, Marble, and Onyx: A Guide for Sealing Countertops

Granite, Marble, And Onyx: A Guide For Sealing Countertops

One of the best (and easiest) ways to add value to your home is keeping your countertops looking like new. This is fairly easy if your countertops were already sealed by the manufacturer. If your countertops aren’t already sealed, you can seal them yourself. Sealing countertops prevents damage to the stone and makes cleaning up […]

6 Tips for the Choosing The Perfect Granite Slab

A granite slab provides the perfect mix of beauty, durability, and strength for your kitchen countertop. Granite is nearly as hard as diamond. The countertop manufacturing space in the U.S. grew by 7.4 percent from 2011 to 2016. The industry’s 2016 revenue stood at $2 billion. Granite slabs embody all the essential qualities a kitchen […]

What is Cambria Quartz Countertops?

Darlington Cambria Quartz

Cambria is a manufacturer of a brand of quartz countertops named “Cambria” also know as Cambria Quartz. Cambria is the only American made quartz countertop. Like most quartz countertop brands, Cambria Countertops consist of 93% natural quartz stone and 7% resins. Quartz Countertops are also referred to as engineered stone and require no maintenance, even […]

Beyond Granite: Kitchen Countertop Materials You Need to Consider

Beyond Granite: Kitchen Countertop Materials You Need To Consider

Are you in search of the perfect kitchen countertop for your humble abode? It is next to impossible to decide what material to choose based on your style of needs, as there are hundreds of different options. Additionally, granite is almost always to easiest choice in terms of a kitchen countertop, but there are actually […]

Top 5 Most Important Facts About Quartz Countertops

Windermere Cambria Quartz

Quartz Countertops have become very popular among homeowners who are looking for a change in their kitchens. Replacing your outdated countertops with Quartz can turn an average kitchen into a stunning one, but is it right for your home? Here’s the top 5 Facts about Quartz Countertops so you can make an informed decision before […]

2017 Kitchen Trends That Will Continue into 2018

2017 Kitchen Trends That Will Continue Into 2018

When you’re working on a kitchen remodel, you want everything to come out perfectly in the end. But selecting all the right elements for your new kitchen can be tedious and time-consuming because of all the choices. You’ll have to decide on everything from the kitchen sink and drawers to the countertops you like best.The […]

Do Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Add Value to Your Home?

Do Kitchen And Bath Remodeling Add Value To Your Home?

Did you know that kitchen and bath remodeling often returns the cost at more than 100%? If you’re wondering whether a kitchen and bath remodel is the right choice for your home, the answer is a solid yes. In fact, kitchen and bath remodeling is one of the best ways to remodel your home. These […]

Turning Outdated Kitchens into Magazine Worthy Custom Kitchens (On a Budget!)

Do you ever find yourself staring at your kitchen hoping you could make it look a bit more modern? Is the linoleum countertop just not doing it for you anymore? Well, don’t fret. Most homeowners shy away from updating their kitchens because of the financial burden commonly associated with custom renovations. However, custom kitchens don’t […]

From Countertops to Kitchen Cabinet Doors, Important Changes to Consider in a Kitchen Remodel

From Countertops To Kitchen Cabinet Doors, Important Changes To Consider In A Kitchen Remodel

There are key areas of your home you can improve to increase your property value, and the kitchen is one of them.  In fact, it’s probably the most renovated part of the household for most homeowners. About 79% of home remodels are done to the kitchen, which goes to show its popularity. But what type […]

Important Details to Consider When Choosing Granite Tops for Your Kitchen

Important Details To Consider When Choosing Granite Tops For Your Kitchen

After years of marble being the top choice for kitchen counters, granite tops are becoming the material pros and families are choosing. Given that its more durable and won’t scratch, its a smart choice whether you’re remodeling or building your house. Perhaps you’re still choosing between materials for your kitchen. There are a lot of […]

The 5 Best Qualities of White Granite and Other Stone Countertops

White Wave Granite 17884

Countertops made from white granite and other natural stones are a great investment for any home. In fact, 55 percent of home buyers who purchased a home without granite countertops stated that they would pay extra for them. it’s no surprise then that granite and other stones such as marble and quartzite are popular choices […]

Cambria Quartz Countertops: Buy Direct From the Fabricator

Cambria Quartz Countertops: Buy Direct From The Fabricator

Remodeling the countertops in your home gives a great boost to the value of your property. But only if you’re selecting the right material. This is why you’ll find many homeowners choosing quartz counters. It’s an engineered stone that looks a lot like natural options, such as granite and marble. This is because it’s made […]

So Many Choices, So Many Prices: Why Does Granite Stone Vary in Price?

So Many Choices, So Many Prices: Why Does Granite Stone Vary In Price?

Granite is a readily-available, durable material. That makes it an outstanding choice for kitchen countertops, as they take a lot of daily abuse in most homes. The conditions that let granite stone form also ensure that every piece of granite is unique. If you get a granite countertop installed, no one else will ever have […]

Preparing For Your Countertop Template Date

Preparing For Your Template Date

You’ve Placed Your Countertop Order, Now What? Once your Project Manager has all your documentation, they will call you to review your choices and information, as well as setting a Template Measuring Date.  Templating can only be done during business hours, and cannot be scheduled on the weekend. To Prepare for your Template: Unplug and […]

IGS Countertop Installation Warranty

Igs Installation Warranty

Natural Stone Products (Granite, Marble, Quartzite) All Granite, Marble and Quartzite Countertops are made from natural stone that has been quarried from mountains all over the world. As a natural product, they are prone to variations in color, pattern, and density that actually add to the beauty and charm of the material. While Granite is a hard […]

The Countertop Template Process

The Template Process

Digital Countertop Templating: What to Expect Nowadays, we use Highly Advanced Laser Templating Systems. Your Templator will arrive in a Licensed International Granite and Stone Vehicle on the day of your Template Appointment.  From there, they set up a tripod with the laser device attached on top in your kitchen or bathroom.  The laser then […]

Digital Countertop Slab Layout


What is Digital Countertop Slab Layout? Digital Countertop Slab Layout is an optional, but important design service we offer here at International Granite and Stone.  For an additional fee, we can hand-select the parts of the slabs to use and lay it all out for you to review.  How does it Work? International Granite and […]

The Verification Process

The Verification Process

What exactly is the Verification Process? Verification occurs after your template is completed.  Your Project Manager needs to verify your drawings with the CAD team and with you. Your Template is then sent to you through a DocuSign, for you to review, accept and sign.  You’ll get to review your seam layout, backsplash height, and […]

Average Countertop Project Time

How Long Does A Countertop Project Take?

Average Project Turnaround Time After you have consulted with your Design Specialist, selected your Material, Edge, and Backsplash, your project is therefore ready to make its way down the pipeline. One to two business days after collection of payment, your Project Manager will schedule your Template Measuring Date.  Template Completion can be expected by the end […]

Chips, Cracks, and Blemishes in Natural Stone

What to Expect from your Natural Stone When purchasing Natural Stone for your countertops, there will always be some imperfections that are unavoidable that are just part of the stone’s makeup.  This is a big reason why people like to hand-select the slabs before they are cut and installed, most people like to make sure […]

Meet Your Countertop Project Manager


If there’s Something Strange, with your Countertops… Who ya gonna call?  Your Project Manager!   After your In-Home Appointment and collection of your deposit, your Design Consultant will hand off your contract, price options, discount sheet, kitchen and bath package, edge selection, and drawing to your Project Manager.  The information then gets entered into our […]

Got a Small Countertop Project? We Can Help!

Got A Small Project? We Can Help!

Are you looking to add a little bit of stone, to a little part of your home? Not only do we do Kitchens and Bathrooms, but we also offer assistance with smaller jobs that might not constitute ordering a full slab. At International Granite and Stone, we only sell you what you need, we don’t make […]

Sealing Your Countertops

Sealing Your Countertops

Protecting your Countertop Investment When purchasing Natural Stone Countertops, you want your investment to last a lifetime. Natural Stone, although from tough in nature, is susceptible to dulling and scratching if not properly taken care of as Countertop Material. The best way to ensure that your countertops remain as gorgeous as the day you bought […]

How to Keep your Countertops Clean

How To Keep Your Surfaces Clean

Cleaning your countertops correctly is the only way to ensure that your investment will last a lifetime.  We want your countertops to sparkle and shine for life.  When it comes to cleaning your stone countertops, it’s important to remember that certain products can wear down the sealant on your counters, making them more susceptible to […]

Preparing for your Countertop Appointment: Things to Keep in Mind

Preparing For Your Appointment: Things To Keep In Mind

We center our In-Home Design Consultation around you and your specific project needs.  With that in mind, keep some questions in the back of your head to ask your Design Consultant during the appointment. Before your appointment, We recommend lightly cleaning and clearing your countertops so your consultant can accurately inspect and measure your space.  Make […]

Selecting your Countertop Edge

Selecting Your Countertop Edge

You’ve picked your material, now what?  Time to pick out an edge for your countertops! Countertop Edges serve an important aesthetic purpose.  Edging can polish off your countertops and give your kitchen or bathroom that oompf you’re looking for.  First, choose your thickness, 3 CM or 6 CM.  3 CM is the standard width, with […]

Choosing Your Countertop Material

Choosing Your Material

Choosing your Material Many factors come to mind thinking about doing your countertops: Are you looking for a light or dark look?  Or do you want something with movement?  Or something subtle?  Do you want your countertops to be smooth? Textured? Matte?  Should you match your Island to the Countertops, or do something different and complementary?  […]

Booking a Countertop Appointment: The Ins and Outs

Setting Up An Appointment: The Ins And Outs

At International Granite and Stone, we want you to love your kitchen and bathrooms for years to come.  Customer Satisfaction is our goal, we have over 15 years of experience in Countertop Fabrication and Installation, as well as being an A+ BBB Accredited Business. Book an appointment today and we’ll send one of our Design Specialists […]

What are Semi-Precious Countertops?

What Is Semi-precious?

What is Semi-Precious? Semi-Precious slabs are handmade pieces of art. Natural gemstones are hand selected and arranged to create a visually dynamic, aesthetically pleasing design. They are then combined with an epoxy or resin to create large slabs. Every slab is handmade to perfection. From these slabs, we then custom cut your countertops to your […]

Our Countertop Manufacturing Process

Our Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing your Countertops At International Granite and Stone, we use the most advanced manufacturing machines and processes on the market. Why are these machines so important? Without them, all manufacturing would have to be done manually by hand. Doing it by hand would be a slow and tedious process, which would require more labor.  The […]

Help us Send Supplies to the Keys! | Hurricane Irma Aftermath Relief

Help Us Send Supplies To The Keys! | Hurricane Irma Aftermath Relief

Palm trees holding steady against Hurricane Irma’s winds Hurricane Irma Relief Supplies As a Florida based business, International Granite and Stone understands the struggle most of our residents have been facing this past week after Hurricane Irma devastated our state. The idea came to Chris Stewart, Owner of International Granite and Stone, whilst he was […]

How to get the look of Marble Countertops, for less!

How To Get The Look Of Marble, For Less!

Statutario Marble vs. Cambria Quartz Rosedale Marble vs. Quartz: Which one is better?  How to fake the look of Marble Marble Marble is a natural stone, formed under the Earth. The stone can be classified as a Metamorphic rock, meaning that over time, layers upon layers of limestone & calcium carbonate are subjected to heat […]

What is Marble?

What Is Marble?

Marble being harvested from the quarry What is Marble? Marble is a natural stone, formed under the Earth. Therefore, the stone can be classified as a Metamorphic rock. This means that over time, layers upon layers of limestone & calcium carbonate were subjected to heat and pressure. This creates the beautiful stone pieces that we […]

Cleaning and Caring for your Granite Countertops


Granite Countertops: Care and Maintenance For years, Granite has long been the “go-to” stone for Countertop Projects.  Granite is a great stone to use for countertop projects because it’s very durable, easy to install, and has a lot of design variations for every home.  At least 60% of homes in North America are fixed with […]

What is Quartzite?


Cristallo Oro Quartzite What is Quartzite? Quartzite is a natural stone, formed under the Earth. This natural stone is similar to the durability of Marble. This material can be classified as a Metamorphic rock, meaning that over time, layers upon layers of sandstone are subjected to heat and pressure, to form the beautiful stone pieces […]

Edges: The Perfect Finish to your Countertop Project

Edges: The Perfect Finish To Your Countertop Project

Our Edge Selection An Ogee Flat Edge, with a piece of Half Bullnose laminated underneath Selecting a natural stone for your countertops can be a long, rewarding process.  You’ve searched for the perfect color countertops and slab and finally have it, now what? Edges are a perfect way to complement your granite or quartz color […]

The Difference between Quartz & Quartzite

The Difference Between Quartz & Quartzite

Quartz vs. Quartzite What’s the difference between the two? Quartz and Quartzite are two similar countertops materials that have grown vastly in popularity over the past 10 years. Granite, which once was the go-to material for countertops, is slowly being phased out for the low maintenance of quartz and the beauty of quartzite. “Are they […]



The Problem BUYING COUNTERTOPS Durable Granite or Quartz Countertops have become a need in today’s efficient home. Heres the traditional options to buying countertops. Big Box Stores: Great concept until you need help. The help you do find has no experience in our industry and you get little to no guidance on what it actually takes […]

What is Quartz?


Quartz Samples Quartz is an engineered stone. Unlike Granite,  Quartz is man made, by combining 97% Crushed Quartz and 3% Resin. This makes the stone just as strong as granite, but slightly heavier. They are then formed into slabs and sold to retailers. Quartz is the most popular stone on the market. From these slabs, […]

Kitchen Backsplash: What is it and Why is it Important?

Kitchen Backsplash: What Is It And Why Is It Important?

Traditional Tile vs. Natural Stone  Adding tile or stone to the walls of a kitchen or bathroom vastly enhances the aesthetic of your space.  Backsplash refers to the wall space between the countertops and the cabinets.  Most commonly, a tile or stone is applied not only for good looks but also to protect your walls.  […]

Check out International Granite and Stone and Cambria Quartz Countertops on HGTV!

Check Out International Granite And Stone On Hgtv!

International Granite and Stone Kitchen Countertop Project Featured on HGTV Exciting News! International Granite & Stone has recently been featured on an episode of HGTV”s Beachfront Bargain Hunt: Renovation!  Izabella & Greg and their family live outside New York City with their two kids, aged 10 and 12.  After many visits to Greg’s grandmother in St. […]

Welcome to our Blog

Welcome To Our Blog

Welcome to the International Granite and Stone Blog! Here, we’ll be posting pictures and articles about recent projects we’ve completed, for your viewing pleasure. For 15 years, we’ve worked diligently to earn your trust and support.  Through our time and dedication to the job, to our timely arrival and courteous employees, International Granite & Stone has […]