Best Comparison Guide of the Top Quartz Countertops on the Market

Best Comparison Guide of the Top Quartz Countertops on the Market

Quartz countertops aren’t made entirely from quartz — and some don’t contain any quartz at all. While the name may be misleading, the beauty, durability, and texture of a quartz countertop certainly aren’t.

All quartz countertops are manufactured from the same patented process created in 1963. While the process is still the same, the results are quite different. Quartz countertop companies create different products with their own benefits and drawbacks.

Want to get the most out of your purchase? We’ve compared some of our favorite brands of quartz countertops. Read on and select the best company for your personal needs.

Comparing Quartz Countertops

Because of the identical process, quartz countertops are similar on a surface level. They tend to have the same proportions of minerals and polymers that give quartz countertops their associated qualities. These include strength and resistance to heat and water. That said, the minerals used by each company will vary and provide different designs and results.

Since every brand of quartz countertops uses their own mix of minerals, they offer their own unique designs. Designs are determined by the actual patterns and colors of the quartz itself.

These companies also have their own edge profiles. An edge profile refers to the decorative carved shape on the sides of your countertops.

Prices will fluctuate but expect to pay at least $60 to $90 per square foot of quartz — or more. This price estimate includes installation. When it comes to your money, the most important consideration is the warranty. Some have lifetime warranties and others are limited but can be transferred, in certain situations.

There are several benefits to using a quartz countertop, so take your time comparing these different brands. Make the choice that’s best for you and your own budget.

1. Cambria Quartz

Cambria is an American quartz countertop company — the only one of its kind. Before Cambria made countertops, it used to make milk. But now it’s become a premium brand. Since their countertops are available only through builders and design companies, it can be difficult to get your hands on them.

Although we offer nine edge profiles, Cambria itself has 19 company-specific cuts. We offer over 160 designs of Cambria quartz. It’s a massive catalog with a sweeping array of different colors and textures.

Unlike the majority of their competition, Cambria will cover your quartz countertops with a lifetime warranty. This brand tends to run on the more expensive side of things, but the lifetime warranty makes it a serious contender.

2. Quantum Quartz

Established in Australia in 1989, Quantum quartz has spread its reseller warehouses across the globe. This is important because these resellers tend to offer their own warranties.

Straight from the Australian warehouse, Quantum quartz countertops have the shortest warranties around. The warranty lasts for only ten years and cannot be transferred. This means that if you sold the house, the countertops would no longer be covered by the warranty. In contrast, the Quantum quartz reseller in Tampa, Florida offers a lifetime warranty.

We offer 47 designs from Quantum. It’s a far cry from Cambria’s 160+, but there’s still plenty to choose from. Quantum sticks to an industry-standard slab size of 55 inches by 120 inches. Bigger slabs mean you may not have to fit two slabs together, creating a noticeable seam. Unfortunately, Quantum doesn’t have quartz slabs in larger sizes.

3. Caesarstone Quartz

Caesarstone offers quartz designs that are as exotic as its locale. Located in Israel, Caesarstone is known for using precious stones in its countertops, such as tiger’s eye and agate.

We offer 64 Caesarstone designs, and the company itself offers a dozen unique edge profiles. In competition with Cambria, Caesarstone countertops come with a lifetime warranty that is transferable, with some caveats. It’s a great warranty so long as you intend to keep the house after installation.

Another great thing about Caesarstone is that they offer jumbo-sized quartz slabs alongside the industry standard. These jumbo-sized quartz slabs are about 65 inches by 132 inches. They aren’t remarkably larger than the standard. If your countertop requirements are slightly too large for the standard size, the jumbo-size can help.

4. LG Viatera Quartz

The LG company tag isn’t a coincidence. LG Viatera was once part of the South Korean LG company, which creates a host of home products.

In comparison to some of our other options, LG Viatera countertop designs are on the gentle side of things. They’re still sleek and gorgeous but tend to have simple designs in shades of white, brown, and gray.

The Viatera company offers only a fifteen-year warranty, though it’s fully transferable. And like Caesarstone, they offer jumbo-sized slabs sized at 63″ by 130″.

5. Pompeii Quartz

Pompeii quartz manufactures its countertops in Italy and then sends them around the world to local resellers.

We offer 80 designs from Pompeii quartz, which has a good spectrum of colors and textures. The typical Pompeii quartz slab is two inches smaller than the typical size, but that’s not likely to impact buyers.

Their warranty lasts for fifteen years and is transferable, but the warranty is prorated. While the warranty isn’t fantastic, Pompeii is certainly a cheaper option than many other brands.

Want to Know More About Quartz Countertops?

We can’t give exact prices since different designs and cuts have a significant impact on the price. If you’ve decided on a design from the quartz surfacing brand that suits your needs, contact us for a quote.

Still not sure which brand of quartz is right for you? Take a look at the quartz countertops designs available on our quartz product catalog.