Kitchen Backsplash: What Is It and Why Is It Important?

Kitchen Backsplash: What Is It and Why Is It Important?
Kitchen Backsplash: What Is It And Why Is It Important?

Traditional Tile vs. Natural Stone 

Adding tile or stone to the walls of a kitchen or bathroom vastly enhances the aesthetic of your space.  Backsplash refers to the wall space between the countertops and the cabinets.  Most commonly, a tile or stone is applied not only for good looks but also to protect your walls.  Installing tile or stone waterproofs that section of your wall, blocking kitchen spatter and water from damaging your wall or paint job. It also blocks crumbs or debris from falling behind your countertops.  Another advantage is that it hides any imperfections on the wall or gaps near the edge of the countertops and the wall for a finished, cohesive look. Two popular options for the backsplash are tile mosaic designs and natural stone backsplashes.

Tile Backsplash Installation Along the Kitchen Stove Area

Tile Backsplash

The original classic, tile backsplash comes in an array of materials.  We sell Ceramic, Porcelain, Glass, Travertine, Veneer, & Marble tiles for wall finishing purposes.  A combination of tiles can be used to achieve your ideal kitchen look.  It’s important to make sure the colors you choose to compliment your countertops or flooring.  To adhere to the backsplash to the wall, mastic is preferred for tiles.  

Marble Countertops Dark Wood Floors
Travertine Mosaic

Pro Tip: 

Mix an accent tile with a solid colored tile for a pop of brilliance or create a tile mosaic by using different sized and colored tiles to create an image on the wall.

Ice Brown Granite Kitchen

Natural Stone Backsplash

A popular option for bathroom vanities and kitchen counters, a Natural Stone Backsplash is when you extend the selected countertop material up onto the wall.  A standard Natural Stone Backsplash is 4”, with the material continuing 4” up the wall.  Another creative option some people prefer to take the material up the full height of the wall, where the countertop material extends all the way up to the cabinetry.  To adhere to this material to the wall, a silicone gel is preferred.


Pro Tip:

Using a semi-precious material also makes for an elegant kitchen or bathroom wall, but looks even better when it’s LED-backlit.