Average Countertop Project Time


Average Countertop Project Time
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Average Project Turnaround Time

Average Countertop Project Time

After you have consulted with your Design Specialist, selected your Material, Edge, and Backsplash, your project is therefore ready to make its way down the pipeline.

One to two business days after collection of payment, your Project Manager will schedule your Template Measuring Date. 

Template Completion can be expected by the end of the day or as late as the next morning.

As a result, your Manager will then send you a copy of the template via DocuSign to approve, sign, and complete. 

After Verification Completion, you expect to be contacted about five to seven days later with your Install Date. 

Installation is completed on the day of your appointment and takes a couple of hours.

Average Countertop Renovation Projects takes approximately two to three weeks. 

Most of all, Projects can get delayed due to unexpected changes during the Verification or Template process.