Are Silestone Countertops Any Good? (Spoiler Alert: Yes!)

Are Silestone Countertops Any Good? (Spoiler Alert: Yes!)


Are your old countertops starting to scratch and fall apart?  You can get them fixed, or you can trade up to a sturdier material. There’s almost nothing as durable as Silestone countertops. They’re resistant to scratching. You won’t have to put much effort into cleaning them. They don’t stain.

They come in a variety of custom colors that make matching them to the overall look over your kitchen easy. If yours can’t stand up to what you put them under, most manufacturers offer a warranty. Want to find out more about how these quartz countertops can benefit you? Check out this guide to learn all about them.


Silestone Calacatta Gold Countertops Installed and Close Up Picture Silestone Countertops
Calacatta Gold Silestone Kitchen Countertops and Close Up Picture

What Are Silestone Countertops

Silestone Countertops made up of quartz crystals and other materials such as resin. The final product is a durable stone that almost resembles granite or marble in appearance. Not only does quartz make the material stain proof and resistant to scratches, but you’ll also have plenty of color options to choose from.


You’ll have to try hard to scratch your Silestone kitchen countertops. Quartz is one of the most durable stones out there. So, if you tend to put your counters through their paces, this material will be able to stand up to it. If you accidentally drop a heavy pot on top of a normal granite countertop, it would crack under the weight. Silestone can take it. Keep in mind that most manufacturers advertise Silestone as semi-scorch-proof. If you put a hot pot directly on the countertop, it may cause some discoloration. You’ll have to use a potholder, but this is also the case for many natural stone countertops. If you use a hot appliance such as a crockpot or deep fryer, you’ll have to put a towel under it. If you don’t, the heat could damage the material.


Desert Silver Silestone Quartz Sample Kitchen silestone countertops
Desert Silver Silestone Quartz Kitchen & Close Up


With some materials, as soon as your child spills their juice cup, it will begin to soak up the liquid. You have almost no time at all to clean up the accident before it causes a stain. Silestone is non-porous. It’s resistant to stains, so you have all the time in the world to grab your sponge and cleaner. During the manufacturing process, antimicrobial protection is put inside the quartz crystals. This makes it almost impossible for bacteria to fester on the surface.

It’s Simple to Clean

One of the best parts of having Silestone countertops is how low maintenance it is. It mimics the look of granite, but it doesn’t require any kind of sealant to keep it in tip-top shape. All it needs is normal cleaning with regular soap and warm water to keep grease and debris off it. The material is stain resistant to many spills, but there is a small chance that stains could remain on the surface. If this happens, you can use mild soap and water, or denatured alcohol mixed with water. If the stain doesn’t go away after a little elbow grease, Silestone recommends VIM® Actifizz®. Lastly, Stay away from abrasive cleaners. Abrasive cleaners like Ajax or a Magic Eraser can dull or wear down the finish of your new quartz countertops.


Et Statuario Silestone Quartz Sample Kitchen SIlestone Countertops
Et Statuario Silestone Quartz Kitchen & Close Up


Depending on the manufacturer you go through, most Silestone kitchen countertops come with a warranty. In many cases, for you to be able to take advantage of this warranty, the damage can’t be caused by you. This means if you crack it by dropping a heavy pot on it or manage to cut into it with a knife, you’ll be out of luck.

Color Variety

For the most part, Silestone is a manmade material. This means there are several different color options available to you. The colors are premade, so you can go to the store and choose what you want from a swatch. You’ll get to pick a color and texture that fits the overall look of your kitchen.


Et Serena Silestone Quartz Sample Kitchen silestone countertops
Et Serena Silestone Quartz Kitchen & Close Up

Silestone Countertops Cost?

The cost for Silestone Countertops in the year 2021 falls between $65 to $150 per square foot and can vary depending on the company or fabricator you go through, the reason for this because:

  • The Countertop Material You’ve Selected
  • Laser Templating Your Kitchen Counters
  • Fabricating Your Custom-Cut Countertops
  • Installing Your Custom-Cut Countertops

Some companies do not include all of this in their pricing, so some square foot prices can be misleading.  Make sure you get the details of what your Square Footage Price includes.  To get an accurate price on Silestone Countertops for your home or project, Click Here to Schedule a Free In-Home Estimate.

Long-Term Investment

Even though Silestone Countertops can be a bit expensive, it’s worth it in the long run. You can expect an elegant-looking counter that will last for over 25 years as long as you take care of it. If something does happen before this time is up, the warranty will ensure that you get a replacement for it.


Gris Expo Silestone Quartz Silestone countertops
Gris Expo Silestone Quartz Countertop & Close Up

Silestone Countertops Are Great for Kitchens of All Shapes and Sizes

Are you looking for a material that can handle the daily use that you put it through? Switching to Silestone countertops might be right for you.

It’s a scratch-resistant material that doesn’t stain easily. It comes in a variety of different colors and textures that can match any home. Paying for the installation can be a little rough, but if you can afford it, there are plenty of long-term benefits that you can take advantage of. Are you ready to have Silestone countertops in your kitchen?  Get pricing on Silestone Colors.