6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Granite Kitchen Worktops

6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Granite Kitchen Worktops
6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Granite Kitchen Worktops

One of the best rooms in any house is the kitchen.

This is where families come together as they prepare big meals or just a simple snack. A kitchen is a place of creative expression as well as an environment in which to teach your children discipline and how to self-sustain themselves.

As such, this is not a room to overlook as you set up your home’s interior design.

Actually, the kitchen is a great place to get a little expressive as you bring all the design elements together. From glass cabinets to big, welcoming islands and beautiful granite kitchen worktops, there is so much you can do to upgrade a kitchen’s design.

When it comes to debating whether or not to choose granite, the right answer is always “yes!” – and here’s why.

1. Noticeable Strength

Have you ever tried cutting something up really quick without a cutting board, only to see scratches all over your counter? Do your countertops have scratches due to other things – like the scraping of pots and pans or something being dropped on the surface?

With granite kitchen worktops, scratches are practically a thing of the past.

This natural stone is built to last. It is durable and heat resistant, too. Such features mean you can always trust granite to support whatever you’re doing, no matter if it is a bit of butchering or some baking.

2. A Unique Style

Just as granite kitchen worktops are amazing to work on, they are beautiful to look at. Granite worktops go with any type of home decor – including shabby chic styles, a rustic country look, and of course, a modern design.

Whatever your house looks like now, granite is sure to give the kitchen the upgrade its been missing. This is especially true if you have an island or some other statement area in the kitchen like tall counters to dine at.

Granite in these areas adds to the “wow” factor of having the regular worktops redone.

3. Many Different Options

What’s better than getting the perfect material to remodel your kitchen with? Having so many styles to choose from!

Granite kitchen worktops come in all kinds of colors and finishes.

There are the dreamy Lemurian Blue granite and Explosion Blue granite options, as well as the bold Crema Royale or the classic Cristallo Argento granite. These are just handful of the styles to pick and choose from. Other granite options include:

  • Dalmata Granite
  • Diamond Arrow Granite
  • Camelot White Ivory Granite
  • Black Galaxy Granite
  • Desert Fire Granite

These options give you so much creative freedom to get exactly the look you’ve always dreamt of for your kitchen. Some will fit right in while others may inspire you to begin an entire kitchen remodeling project from the ground up.

Either way, one thing is for sure: the final product will make this special space look as stunning as ever.

4. Simple Maintenance

If you’re worried about maintaining the beauty of your home improvement investment, don’t fret. The strength of granite kitchen worktops makes these areas of the kitchen a breeze to clean.

Most of the time, you can take a wet rag or wipe to it and get the job done. You may choose to shine it from time to time too, but this will be a rare occurrence over the course of the granite’s lifespan.

Should your granite ever chip, even this is simple to fix. Just be sure you find the right professionals for the job, as the quality of the repair, should be up to par with the quality of your countertops to begin with.

5. Long-Lasting Results

Although maintenance is light – especially in comparison to other kinds of kitchen worktops – you can still trust your granite to last. In fact, you may not ever need to upgrade your worktops again!

That is the true strength of this incredible stone. Granite is something you invest in once and never have to worry about again, at least when you stay on top of the regular upkeep.

Should you ever have a spill of something like juice or wine, clean it up as soon as you can. The faster you can get to things like this, the longer the shine and finish of granite kitchen worktops will last. This means you can save money and time over the years as there will be less of a need to do such maintenance.

6. A Better Home Value

Speaking of saving money, at times, granite kitchen worktops can actually make you money. These increase the value of your home substantially.

If you ever choose to sell your home, this value ends up right back in your pocket. Having granite kitchen worktops makes the entire house more desirable to buyers.

Those in the market for a new home will be more likely to make an offer fast, and they may even offer more money than you might expect. Of course, this will be due to other areas in the home and factors in the market at the time, but the granite in the kitchen will definitely play a role in making the sale.

There are still ways to cash in on your granite investment even if you never choose to sell your home. The most popular method is to talk to your home insurance providers.

Some insurance companies recognize certain home upgrades as a direct investment. As a result, they reward you for taking care of your home by lowering your monthly payment.

This isn’t exactly putting money back in your pocket, but it can potentially keep a significant amount from leaving your wallet in the first place!

Take Your Pick of Various Granite Kitchen Worktops

It’s one thing to understand what granite kitchen worktops have the potential to do, and another to experience it in your own home. See the difference this material can make in terms of style, function, and value.

All you have to do is pick out the kind of granite you want and talk through the installation process with a team of professionals. That is where we come in.

Visit us today to browse our inventory and set up your installation appointment.